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BrightView Landscapes Shares Expert Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Homeowners Associations and Businesses

May 26, 2022

#1 Prioritize Tree Pruning; #2 Develop Post-Storm Clean-Up Plan

With hurricane season knocking at the East Coast’s front door, BrightView (NYSE: BV), the nation’s leading commercial landscaping company, has developed a checklist that businesses and homeowners associations can use to help protect their landscaping against high winds, heavy rain and potential flooding.

Charles Gonzalez is a senior vice president with BrightView and an expert in hurricane preparedness. He has more than 30 years of professional landscaping experience and is a 55-year resident of South Florida.

“From structural tree pruning to developing a post-storm clean-up plan, it is important for business owners, property managers and homeowners alike to proactively take steps to dramatically reduce the risk of damage on their property,” said Gonzalez, who is based in Miami. “BrightView’s expertise, combined with our intimate familiarity of South Florida’s landscape, has proven pivotal in helping advise and prepare our clients for hurricane season.”

Among the prioritized steps property managers can take:

  • Scheduling tree pruning to remove weak or dead branches that could cause damage or injury.
  • Removing fallen branches, loose brush and debris from yards that could be used as projectiles.
  • Pre-authorizing clean-up to ensure crews are dispatched swiftly to the property after a storm.

Keys Gate Community Association is a large homeowners association of nearly 4,000 units in 17 neighborhoods across Florida that has benefited by working with BrightView.

“BrightView has been and continues to be an essential resource and trusted partner in our hurricane preparation and recovery plans,” said Ignacio Mendez, CAM, Senior Property Manager for Keys Gate Community Association. “With BrightView’s help, our communities have recovered from storms in record time.”

Having assisted with innumerable post-storm clean-up efforts and witnessed first-hand the force of hurricanes up-and-down the East Coast, BrightView is well-positioned to quickly mobilize equipment and deploy crews to aid emergency responders, open roadways, and keep essential services running, regardless of where storms strike.

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