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BrightView Landscapes Launches Property Maintenance Portal

June 18, 2019

BLUE BELL, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- BrightView Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: BV) (“BrightView”), the nation’s leading commercial landscaping services company, today announced the launch of BrightView (BV) Connect, an interface for property maintenance engagement.

BV Connect virtually connects the customer with BrightView’s service team to deliver an effortless experience with seamless property maintenance management. This continuation of BrightView’s family of client-facing solutions is a web application that enables customers to submit and track requests for landscape services, keep track of property maintenance schedules, submit photo service requests, and receive timely updates from BrightView account managers. The BV Connect dashboard provides real-time weather-related communication and active maintenance requests at-a-glance. The portal also pushes out notifications when service requests are created, updated, and resolved.

“This elevates our intense customer focus, which is the core of BrightView’s mission,” said Jeff Herold, President of BrightView Landscape Maintenance. “We understand that life is busy, so the ability to directly access BrightView’s services at the client’s convenience is invaluable.”

BV Connect’s interactive features, an extension of the services offered through HOA Connect, enhance the services offered by BrightView’s landscape maintenance segment. These services include maintenance, fertilization, tree care, weed and pest management, storm preparedness, snow removal, and exterior upkeep services. With a rich history of more than 80 years of exterior maintenance, BrightView provides a broad portfolio of services for commercial properties across the country.

“The ability for the customer and property manager to collaborate directly with our personnel, in one portal, further solidifies BrightView’s position as the gold standard in commercial landscaping,” Herold said.

For more information about BV Connect, visit the website, view the video, or contact BrightView.

About BrightView

BrightView is the largest provider of commercial landscaping services in the United States. Through its team of approximately 20,000 employees, BrightView provides services ranging from landscape maintenance and enhancements to tree care and landscape development for thousands of customers’ properties, including corporate and commercial properties, HOAs, public parks, hotels and resorts, hospitals and other healthcare facilities, educational institutions, restaurants and retail, and golf courses, among others. BrightView is the Official Field Consultant to Major League Baseball.

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